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FC#4 gevurah22

Gevurah22 is one of the undisputed best creators on LBP. And he has been, since the beginning. From his early levels, such as the renowned The Azure Palace, to his incredible modern greats, such as The Fist of Craft Earth, Gevurah has been consistent in releasing amazing levels, that everyone wants to play.



FC#3 Morgana25

The undisputed queen of lighting! Morgana has continued to amaze the LBP community with her stunning visuals, inventive serieses, and friendly personality. If I had to give you one of her levels to play, I’d say that you should play through Dragons of Myth: Iceland, as it really sums up the quality of her work. Anyways, let the interview begin!


FC#2 xkappax

If you don’t know her already, then I’m guessing you are new to the LBP community. With her distinctive creating style, love of ghosts, crystals and… cat nose stickers, xkappax is a cherished member of the community. The first level I played of hers, called “The Crystal Cave in Autumn”, first published over a year ago, was completely charming and fun to play. I’m sure in the near future, and throughout the duration of LBP2 we can expect to see much, much more of xkappax, and I must admit, I’m looking forward to it 🙂



FC#1 Luos_83

When I was pondering who to be the first featured creator, it didn’t take too long before I knew who it would be. In LBP1 Luos made some of the most beautiful and visually inspirational stuff I’d ever seen, like in the Sack the Legendary series. During the Beta of LBP2 he released the first ever Beta MMPick the Ancient Cave of New Beh’ta, which was so successfull, he released two sequels, the Ancient Trials and the Ancient Tower, during the beta. Famous for his extraordinary landscapes, in depth cut-scenes, and his astounding use of decorations, I think we can all agree that Luos_83 is one of the  better creators out there. (more…)