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Get a job in LBP!

Well apparently MediaMolecule, and sister company Tarsier Studios, are hiring! MediaMolecule, who are responsible for the ceration of the LBP franchise, and developer of both games, say:

we need some good men and women to join us here at Media Molecule – specifically artists and programmers, and a combo hybrid of those two, the fabled graphics programmer. we Reallllllly want one of those!

Check all out HERE!


Also, think your good at making levels on LBP? Oh, you do? In that case, you’ll be very excited to know that Tarsier Studios, the developers of numerous LBP DLC and the creators of LBP Vita, are looking for experienced level designers to work for them. Check all that out HERE!

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LittleBigPodcast #125


E3 Update!

For the full list of updates and things to come, courtesy of LBP2Blog, click HERE

Or alternatively, for those lazy people out there, Molynator of Sackinima has kindly recorded himself reading it all out for you 🙂

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LBP on the PSVita