FC#4 gevurah22

Gevurah22 is one of the undisputed best creators on LBP. And he has been, since the beginning. From his early levels, such as the renowned The Azure Palace, to his incredible modern greats, such as The Fist of Craft Earth, Gevurah has been consistent in releasing amazing levels, that everyone wants to play.

What was your first impression of Sackboy?

What an ugly little thing. Just kidding! I thought it was a great alternative to a Mii or an Avatar, granted it never got that far in becoming something similar in the PS3.

What are your impressions of the LBP community?

I think it’s a pretty good community altogether. Having played with people of many ages online and in person, it’s definitely interesting to see a rather interesting mix of players and creators. Kind of like the Mario audience, you’re going to see the most casual to hardcore gamers mixed in to create a very unique microcosm that can resemble the video game community in general.

Who are your favourite / most inspiring creators?

Yikes, I hate listing people but here it goes: Poms, Jaeyden, RRR30000 (sp?), drbooty for his awesome mechs, steve_big_guns, CENTURION24, CuzFeeshe, the dude who created the sharks in all the shark survival levels.

If you could wipe any level off the LBP server what would it be?

Hansel & Gretelbot… just kidding! I’d have to say anything that bashes other consoles unless it’s done creatively. Put some effort into it people.

Do you have any guilty pleasures in LBP?

Honestly? Shark survivals. They make me crack up so much considering people use the same exact sharks over and over again. It takes amazing luck (primarily) and skill just to get to the scoreboard.

By far, the best DLC is?

Hmmmm… it’s a mix between the Metal Gear Solid and Pirates Pack. Both contain awesome materials and music objects that I’ve used frequently in most of my levels.

What would the “gevurah22 Minipack” contain?

Good question… I’d say it would have a lot of decorations that can be color edited. There would also be lots of mecha objects and costumes from a variety of mech related media like Gundam, Mechwarrior, etc. The wife shakes her head every time I geek out over it, heh.

What is still missing from LBP?

Flipping tools. Granted we’re not supposed to see the back of the levels or objects we make, it would add another dimension if we had the ability to flip our objects during gameplay. From an aesthetic standpoint, some of us like creating things in a certain direction, like with robots or other contraptions. By flipping, we don’t have to worry about an object being fixed in specific direction and orientation (from a 2D perspective) is intact to a certain degree. Plus we can add more stuff to the back of our objects as well.

Also splitscreen in both local and online mode. Versus is a nice workaround, but is still limited to a certain degree, including the fact that you have to be online to have their own screens.

The best level that you have ever made is?

I think as of now it’s a toss up between the Fist of Craft Earth in LBP2 and Gundam Shark Survival in LBP1. I was going to say the Azure Palace from a nostalgic point of view, but man is that level old hat. I’m particularly proud of the combat systems in the first two levels I mentioned. They’re meant to be easy to jump into but can offer a little more complexity when messed around with. From 99 hit combos to really fantastical moves, you could feel the weight of those attacks when they hit an enemy, on top of having lots of references to old shows I loved watching when I was younger.

The best person you have ever worked with is?

I’d say either Jaeyden or cdubb024. I both know them personally and enjoyed bantering about the level and sharing ideas and thoughts on how to improve our own levels. Plus they’re good friendly competition and don’t mind grabbing a drink at the nearest bar. Speaking which, Johnee and Danny are awesome peeps to hang with as well. Such good times were had with the Mm crew in NYC during the Guinness World Record Event and anything after that I might have forgotten due to lack of sleep/partying.

What level did you learn most in creating?

I’d say all my little mech levels in LBP1. Learning how to truly manipulate the tools to achieve the desired effect of what a controllinator now offers in LBP2 was taxing, but satisfying when completed. Stuff I’ve learned from those levels has transferred over well into LBP2.

What is your most proud creation?

Tough, tough, tough. Although this was in the beta, I had replicated the Zero Shift maneuver from Zone of the Enders 2 with my little Jehuty. It was extremely satisfying to emulate something like that in this game.

What was your most infuriatuing creation to make?

I’d probably have to go way back and say the giant dragon from the Azure Palace. With my limited grasp on the toolset back then, it was nuts trying to figure out how to make the dragon undulate like it was underwater, let alone hold it up due to its massive size.

What have you most improved at since your first attempt at create mode?

Probably logic. I’m still not a logic head, but I’m glad I can pretty much accomplish what I want, however inelegant it may be.

At what point did you realise that you had become a well respected creator?

Heh, I really don’t look at myself in that light. I consider myself lucky, no doubt. But if I were to put a particular mark as to when it could’ve happened… perhaps it was the Playstation Magazine and Qore interview I had a couple months after the game came out. I thought to myself, “all this for the stuff I did with the Azure Palace? C’mon son.”

Next thing you know, I’m on the GOTY edition, received an educational grant to work on an LBP educational module, and am now in the Guinness Book of World Records with LBP2. Still scratching my head as to how sometimes! But really, I do appreciate the sentiments of the players who share that feeling. I mean, if it wasn’t for them, we wouldn’t be in the position the way we are now. We share our creations with the community and we want them to enjoy it deep down, regardless of whether or not we created these levels for ourselves. Our levels are extensions of our imaginations, and I’m glad there are players out there who actually like what comes out of this brain, heh.

What do we just really not need in create mode?

Tough question. I’d have to say… multiple checkpoints. I don’t see why we need more than one when it should just be a single checkpoint that can be tweaked to accommodate different amounts of spawns and perhaps even activated so that only player 2, 4 etc. only come from this checkpoint.

Play or Create?


Negativatron or the Collector?


Burlap or Cotton?


Grappling hook or Grabinator

Grappling hook

Creatinator or Paintball gun?

Paintball Gun

Caves or Forests?


Sponge or Glass?


RealTimeStrategy or RolePlayingGame?

Role Playing Game

Thanks a for a really great interview gevurah!



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