FC#3 Morgana25

The undisputed queen of lighting! Morgana has continued to amaze the LBP community with her stunning visuals, inventive serieses, and friendly personality. If I had to give you one of her levels to play, I’d say that you should play through Dragons of Myth: Iceland, as it really sums up the quality of her work. Anyways, let the interview begin!

What was your first impression of Sackboy?

Love at first sight 🙂 How can you not love him? Just looking at a plain old sackboy still brings a smile to my face usually followed by a giggle.

What are your impressions of the LBP community?

The community as a whole is an interesting mix of creators and players, different skill set, and ages. It’s one of the most diverse groups I’ve ever been a part of. What I truly love about the community are the people who support each other to make bigger an better levels than they thought possible and the cooperation between logic/gameplay specialists and story telling artsy types.

Who are your favourite / most inspiring creators?

There are too many to say. My early inspirations were Jaeyden, GruntosUK, & Wexfordian and since they continually raise the bar of what is possible to do, they continue to inspire me. Anything by comphermc, rtm224 & Cuzfeeshe blow my mind from a technical perspective and Gravel, dajdaj, & Steve_Big_Guns are brilliant visualizes that continually amaze me with their skills. Jackofcourse, Jakeputz and Lockstitch really stun me with their gameplay too. I could go on and on there are so many great creators out there now to find inspiration from.

If you could wipe any level off the LBP server what would it be?

Oh I don’t have one in particular. I’d like all the stolen levels and ripoffs taken down but that’s not likely to happen.

Do you have any guilty pleasures in LBP?

The occasional bomb survival level is fun.

By far, the best DLC is?

Oh that’s a tough question… um… probably Pirates of the Carribbean. It had water and a ton of great new materials and stickers. Close second is the Monster pack though.

What would the “Morgana25 Minipack” contain?

Lots of lighting effects.

What is still missing from LBP?

Clearly defined thermo usage indicators for creators to better manage their levels.

The best level that you have ever made is?

I think I like my Dragons of Myth Teotihuacan the best. Although Fire and Ice is fun to play too.

The best person you have ever worked with is?

Comphermc, no question at all. He’s right at the tippy top of the best of the best in my opinion.

What level did you learn most in creating?

Probably working on the Hansel and Gretlebot collaboration. Learned a ton of new tricks from my fellow creators and we figured out some of the potential of LBP2 together too.

What is your most proud creation?

The Dragon from Dragons of Myth Iceland. Loved putting the eyes together for the cutscene and getting that boss to work was a challenge for me. Very happy how it turned out.

What was your most infuriatuing creation to make?

I was messing around with a racing level and got so angry I had to leave it on my moon for a few days. Comphermc had to rescue me with some logic to get the whole thing working. Amazing how many times he’s come in to bail me out when I get in over my head.

What have you most improved at since your first attempt at create mode?

Logic for sure. I still am horrible at it but compared to where I was three years ago I’ve come a long way.

At what point did you realise that you had become a well respected creator?

I am? I think when I was invited to PAX it sort of sank in.

What do we just really not need in create mode?

Why would we limit create mode? I want more of everything! 🙂

Play or Create?


Negativatron or the Collector?


Burlap or Cotton?


Grappling hook or Grabinator

Grappling hook

Creatinator or Paintball gun?


Caves or Forests?


Sponge or Glass?


RealTimeStrategy or RolePlayingGame?

Role Playing Game

Thanks a lot Morgana :),



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  1. Reached yuor web blog through Delicious. You know I will be signing up to your rss.

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