FC#2 xkappax

If you don’t know her already, then I’m guessing you are new to the LBP community. With her distinctive creating style, love of ghosts, crystals and… cat nose stickers, xkappax is a cherished member of the community. The first level I played of hers, called “The Crystal Cave in Autumn”, first published over a year ago, was completely charming and fun to play. I’m sure in the near future, and throughout the duration of LBP2 we can expect to see much, much more of xkappax, and I must admit, I’m looking forward to it 🙂


What was your first impression of Sackboy?
I thought Sackboy was one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen. The look of that character was partially what made me want to play littlebigplanet. I never really liked what Sackgirl looked like, though. Even now, when I make female sackpeople, I give them the Sackboy eyes. ^_^

What are your impressions of the LBP community?
The LBP community is the only community I’ve ever been able to be a lasting member of. Every other community that I joined either failed, ended up being awful, or I just lost interest in whatever I was doing. Even at times when I was taking breaks from LBP, I still stayed with the community. Sure, there are trolls and bad eggs about sometimes, but there are fewer of them than there are good people. So, in short, I love the community. 🙂

Who are your favourite / most inspiring creators?
There are so many creators that have inspired me that I can’t even begin to list them all. If there was one who stood out above all, though, it would probably be Nattura. After playing his Fantasy Forest, it changed the way I looked at things in the game.
I’ve also LEARNED a lot from creators. People like Ccubbage, GruntosUK, and Morgana25 are absolutely amazing to watch. There are so many others, as well. It’s like I said: There’s no way to list them all.

If you could wipe any level off the LBP server what would it be?
I would wipe every level that’s stolen from someone else if I could. If there’s one thing I hate in lbp, it’s stealing.

Do you have any guilty pleasures in LBP?

As a matter of fact, I do. If anyone looks at my lbp.me feed, you’ll see that I play a lot of “unnamed levels”. I find Unnamed levels to be an absolute treasure trove of hilarity. You never know what you’re going to get when you hop into an unnamed level, and I’ve seen many things that can’t be unseen, but for the most part, it’s great fun. I also will play any level that has a ridiculous title, like “This level is as bad as underwear” for instance. 😛

By far, the best DLC is?
If we’re talking costumes, my favorite DLC is the more animals pack. I think that’s what it’s called… the one that contains the turtle. If we’re talking level kits, I was really surprised and pleased with the Incredibles pack. I didn’t want to buy it at all at first, but then I found myself seeing the materials in action, and it was an instabuy for me after that. 🙂

What would the “xkappax Minipack” contain?
Lots of different kinds of crystals, a crystal material, kappa decorations, various ghost decorations, cat stickers and cat objects, a music box of the song Crashing Down by Soul Asylum, and costumes of all my characters from my comic Wish Fulfillment, and my animation The Sword that Cuts Things. 🙂 Stickers of my characters would probably also be included.

What is still missing from LBP?
I’ve said this thousands of times, but I want those orange flowers from the giraffe level in lbp1 in my pop it. Those are the best flowers in the game. I just found out that you can’t even take them off the giraffes anymore. They change into something else. That makes me sad. Also, I’d love that green flowered secret material from the one template in my pop-it as well.
And if we’re talkin’ lbp2…. I want a good way to make my Sackbots to lie down without having to mess with all sorts of logic. And a few different emotions for jackboots, too.

The best level that you have ever made is?
I think “The Crystal Cave in Autumn”. It’s probably not good by today’s standards, but it makes me feel the happiest when I play it. 🙂

The best person you have ever worked with is?
That’s a very hard question to answer. I really loved working with GruntosUK and Hardsync on 7 Days, but we didn’t really work together, because that was in online create. The best online create group I have ever had was Ccubbage, Morgana25, and my husband Catiers. That was the best fun I had in the entire online create beta. 🙂

What level did you learn most in creating?
The level I learned the most creating is still in progress. I can’t talk much about it, but it’s in LBP2. I started out knowing nothing about LBP2 logic at all, and by the end of it, I could program sequencers and batteries and was able to make cut scenes that actually work. The other logic completely baffles me, but I’m getting there. 🙂

What is your most proud creation?
BoxGhost. I created her to annoy my friends, and kept using her because of exactly how annoyed they got. If you told me two years ago that BoxGhost would become a “known” sackgirl, I would have laughed at you and said you were nuttier than a loon. 🙂

What was your most infuriatuing creation to make?
I tend to block out the bad memories, lol. The most infuriating creation was a cut scene I worked on in the lbp2 beta. There was a terrible bug going on with subtitles, and I couldn’t get the subtitles to work once I placed the mouth on the sackboy. On top of this, the mouths wouldn’t turn off, so the next mouth wouldn’t activate. It was a mess. I have since figured out how to do this, but I wasted many, many hours trying to figure this out to no avail..

What have you most improved at since your first attempt at create mode?
Corner editing. When I first started creating, I didn’t use the corner editor at all. In fact, I didn’t start using the corner editor until the level 7 Days, which means I made my first 3 levels entirely without it. I also have become less sloppy. Not much less… but at least a little less. 🙂

At what point did you realise that you had become a well respected creator?
WAIT A MINUTE?! I’m a well respected creator? This is news to me! :O

What do we just really not need in create mode?
Hm. People popping into create and stealing your things. Had this happen once in the online create beta. Not cool.

Play or Create?
Play. (and yes, I realize I’m a creator. :P)

Negativatron or the Collector?

Burlap or Cotton?

Grappling hook or Grabinator
I hated the grappling hook when I first got the beta, but I’ve warmed up to it. So, that’s my answer. 🙂

Creatinator or Paintball gun?

Caves or Forests?
*looks at the setting of most of my levels* … I think I’ll let you guys guess that one yourself.

Sponge or Glass?
Glass, unless we’re talking about that secret green sponge from the one template in lbp1. 🙂

RealTimeStrategy or RolePlayingGame?
I like my RPG’s oldskool and pixelated please 🙂

Any last words to the LBP community?
Role Playing Game. I’ve always been a fan of the older final fantasy games and the Dragon Quest series. 🙂

Thanks a lot Kappa :),


Comments on: "FC#2 xkappax" (4)

  1. Glitchfish said:

    Never knew her and I’ve had lbp for ages XD

  2. I really enjoyed that! Great interview. ^^

    – Leather

  3. Aquila_Shock-99 said:

    Yay! A new interview to read!

    *Read it. I love this stuff! I want more!


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