FC#1 Luos_83

When I was pondering who to be the first featured creator, it didn’t take too long before I knew who it would be. In LBP1 Luos made some of the most beautiful and visually inspirational stuff I’d ever seen, like in the Sack the Legendary series. During the Beta of LBP2 he released the first ever Beta MMPick the Ancient Cave of New Beh’ta, which was so successfull, he released two sequels, the Ancient Trials and the Ancient Tower, during the beta. Famous for his extraordinary landscapes, in depth cut-scenes, and his astounding use of decorations, I think we can all agree that Luos_83 is one of the  better creators out there.

What was your first impression of Sackboy?
The moment I Pressed L2 and R2 and raised my sackboy’s arm.. I was hooked and wanted to adopt one as soon as possible.

What are your impressions of the LBP community?
Its almost as diverse as all the flora and fauna on earth combined,
And therefore its hard to please everyone.
Some dont look further than their own nose,
others are constantly searching in the depth’s of the level archives to find a hidden jewel.
some see epic gameplay as “Hold R1” while others cannot be satisfied with even the hardest of levels.
And just as mixed is my impression of the community, not that I think bad about any of them but for me its hard to understand and please them all.

Who are your favourite / most inspiring creators?
Hourences” and “Neoduck” would probably not say anything as one of them just started his own company, and the other works for “EPIC” (gears of war etc).
But they have inspired me a lot in the past 8 or so years when I was still an enviroment artist for the Unreal Tournament community.
In lbp my favorite creator is still aselrahc a fairly unknown creator.. (Finish your levels asel!! or else imma have to steal them from you :D)
But there are a lot of creators that influence and inspire me, to much to mention.

If you could wipe any level off the LBP server what would it be?
If I could whipe any level of the LBPserver.. the levelcount wouldnt be much higher than 10.000 probably.. so lets not go there 😀

Do you have any guilty pleasures in LBP?

As me, c_mckamey, Aya, Adi and a few others whom fairly often visit and/or help me in create mode are all “adults” we tend to make a lot of jokes that arent suited for childrens ears.
We do behave when younger people are around though!

By far, the best DLC is?
Vera bee’s Original sticker set.
If I could.. I would marry her just because of those stickers.
(Anybody ever checked out her website? itshttp://www.verabee.com )

What would the “Luos_83 Minipack” contain?
I am actually going to make a minipack 🙂
It wont be available as dlc though, its more for the fun of making the decorations and stickers in photoshop/Illustrator and 3dsmax.
But who knows!
It would contain mostly fauna though!
lots of decorations like flowers, leafs, ferns, mushrooms, stalagmites, crystals and much much more.
I might even make a custom background for it 🙂

What is still missing from LBP?
Im sure most things missing will be accounted for in LBP2, even if its through DLC.
But personally I would like to have the option to build my objects diagonally on the z-axis.

The best level that you have ever made is?
I think that would be Lockpick’s Maze
( link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqYrL3lj7WI )

but also “The sunken cave’s of New Beh’Ta!
( link: http://www.mediamolecule.com/communi…ehta_-_part_1/ )

The best person you have ever worked with is?
Clay (c_mckamey).
Its gotten so bad we even started to finish each others sentences.

What level did you learn most in creating?
Each level will learn you new aspects of creating, so I would not be able to pick one.

What is your most proud creation?
Levelwise, that would be Lockpick’s Maze.
CreatureCharacter wise I would have to say the following:
1. Flower Morbid boss
2. Sarge (from the crown-winning “Arena of the Gladiators” level I made with TheAdipose)

What was your most infuriatuing creation to make?
Hmm.. *Thinks hard*
In the forementioned “Arena of Gladiators” we had mayor thermo problems..
Stuff turned invisi and had to optimise objects.
So changed all the logic we had into more optimal counterparts.
Only to find out the logic did not work anymore at a certain point in the level.
I think we spend about 2 days finding the mistake in the logics.
Keyboards and controllers flew more than a few times.

What have you most improved at since your first attempt at create mode?
“Flow” is probably the main thing I have improved the most.
It affects all aspects of creating, the way you build the level, how you design the gameplay and the way the whole level flows.
In nature everything flows, in its own pace.. but it flows.
Even the most edged mountain has a flow and once you understand that…
You can practically build anything you want.
At least, thats how I experience it.

At what point did you realise that you had become a well respected creator?
Wait, what?
I have to say, ending up in the credits of the lbp2 beta,
I dont know if my name will show up in the full game..
but it made me smile :).. still does!
I dont feel like I am a great creator though.
Since .. the better I become at creating..
The more I see my flaws.
It might be like wisdom..
“the more you know the more you realize you know nothing”

What do we just really not need in create mode?
Chupacabra’s that eat DM..
And they do!

Play or Create?

Negativatron or the Collector?
I am guessing the negativatron is focused on all the negative energy in the lbp-community.
So i would go for defeating the negativatron and then hand it over to the collector.

Burlap or Cotton?
Im not allergic to any of those.

Grappling hook or Grabinator

Creatinator or Paintball gun?
Creatinator can shoot paintballs.. and even paintballguns.

Caves or Forests?
No!! *falls on knee’s and cries*
You got me, you found my weak spot.
I cannot choose!
Nooo!! dont force me to choose!

Sponge or Glass?

RealTimeStrategy or RolePlayingGame?
I like my RPG’s oldskool and pixelated please 🙂

Any last words to the LBP community?
Be nice for eachother, we are all part of the same littlebigplanet,
“If you prick us.. do we not lose stuffings? If you press the dirpad up.. do we not laugh?
If we fall in gass do we not die? And if you slap us, shall we not revenge?”

Thanks Luos,


Comments on: "FC#1 Luos_83" (3)

  1. Skalio- said:

    kool nice one zac and luos!

  2. Very good interview. I’ve been a fan of Luos_83 and TheAdipose after watching their tutorials. I look forward to seeing all your creations when LBP2 hits my doormat!

  3. Aquila_Shock-99 said:

    Luos is one of my favourite creators too. 🙂

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